About Us


This batch of biscuits first began baking two decades ago in the fertile imaginations of  siblings playing pretend.

 One of them decided to leave her day job, run with the quirky name and create a positive reality.

 LJB takes pride in meeting the needs of our clients and collaborators. 

Come join our plan to unite like-minded creators and sharers of positivity!


LJB's 4 Pathways to Happiness

Happiness may sometimes feel elusive, but it's something worth pursuing.
For positive results, try our Four Step Action Plan!


STEP ONE: Take part in one of our events or programmes, or engage us for a service.  uipped to develop websites using this framework.


STEP TWO: Buy something for someone special (that includes you!). Our products are selected to bring a frisson of delight.


STEP THREE: Become part of a group that shares your interests and passions.  .


STEP FOUR:  Feed your mind and nourish your soul. Head over to our blog for windows to other worlds. 

Hello, we take delight in being POSITIVE :)

Our team members can't wait to meet you!

Li Neng aka
Chief Instigator

Li Neng dabbles in whatever brings joy or an a-ha! moment. Meeting inspiring and creative folk across the globe has strengthened her resolve to help make life a richer, experience for anyone who wants it.

Nicole aka
Clan Champion

Nicole's children bring her much happiness, which is probably why her passion lies in helping families develop stronger ties and become happier and healthier tribes. She advocates lifelong learning and transforming lives through pedagogy and technology. 

Aldrin aka Philosopher-Doer

Aldrin is the founder of Teach a Man to Fish and Plant A Forest of Ideas. He has advised individuals and organisations on educational technology, knowledge management and design thinking. He plans to retire as a farmer-sailor-carpenter. 

Joshua aka People Energiser

Joshua likes coffee, heading to the beach and genuine communication. He believes that everyone has potential waiting to be realised, and that fun and discipline can co-exist. Come join him in staging the greatest show/
performance of all -- LIFE.

Jennifer aka Happiness Designer

Jennifer thinks it's important to look on the bright side of life. She recommends playing with doggies, surrounding yourself with flowers and munching on egg tarts. She's busy with Eunike Design Studio, but hopes to buy a cottage by the beach.

Robert aka Veteran Educator

You can always count on Robert for an interesting anecdote or a clever turn of phrase. This family man's former students (grandpas and grandmas themselves now) still fondly remember his jokes, facts and life lessons.

PL aka Happiness Accomplice

Need a wingman at the club? A buddy at the gym or a dining companion? PL is your go-to guy. Big-hearted and a laugh a minute, he'll regale you with tales about pop culture, gaming, good eats and half marathons.

Alvin aka Arts Aficionado

Alvin is most happy helping individuals achieve self-actualization. He possesses great empathy and works to uncover your goals and motivations through vocal development, drawing, painting, dance, yoga and Pilates.