Wellness Clinics

At LJB, health and wellness refer to healing and maintenance that consider the whole person---body, mind, spirit, emotion.

We draw on and combine:

ancient wisdom and philosophies   ||   common sense   ||   life experience   ||  credible scientific research   ||   empathy    ||   exercise methods  ||  professional, expert opinion  ||   sharing sessions

...to create programmes and events that inspire committed participants to begin a life-long journey towards personal satisfaction and inner well-being. 

Friendly Interventions

Come join our welcoming and wholesome workshops. Recommended if you're looking for unique activities , useful tips, a listening ear and a whole lot of positivity. Guided by experienced facilitators.


If you'd prefer to get one of our subject matter experts  on board (examples include sports intructors, medical doctors, family therapists, reiki practitioners, life coaches, counsellors, dietitians..)

We're looking for a core group of people whose PASSION is WELLNESS.

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