Wait...you're celebrating Snacking?!

We're all for a balanced lifestyle...eating junk food in moderation, exercising regularly, minimising stress levels....

But snacks REALLY do make us happy. And who says snacking is bad?

Japanese rice crackers, gourmet cheeses, potato chips in exotic flavour combinations, fresh fruit, cakes and cookies from every continent...you name it, let's try, rate and share it!

We also think snacks are great when eaten with company, when conversation is flowing. That's why we'd like you to come along and join our snack parties. Sounds good? Drop us a note here!

Let's Snack!

Calling all unabashed Snackheads!

An assortment of snacks from around the world provided! By donation :)

Yummy drinks can be purchased separately!

SnackHead Club Membership

If meeting to snack and chat once a month sounds like your kinda thing, sign up for our membership---unlimited snacks and one complimentary drink per session.

Movie, Board Game or Team Bonding Games can be organised based on group preference.

Snack Sourcing 

Our dedicated team of snack elves keep busy by sourcing for yummy and unique snacks from around the world.

Check out what's currently available when you attend an event, or write to us to request for a specific brand or familiar favourite :)  

Say hello, dear fellow Snackhead!