Pet Therapy

Advocates say that a strong human-animal bond brings benefits such as relaxation,  calmness, reduced blood pressure and improved heart health.

Pet therapy is a growing field that uses domesticated animals to help people recover from or better cope with health issues. We decided to offer this service because of the joy and comfort our own pets have brought us. 

Come over to cuddle, play with or adopt one of our super cute furry friends! Get in touch here and check out our Facebook page.


Whether a beloved first pet or a lifelong obsession, these super cute and plush critters offer a Happy Experience.

Watch them play, eat, groom, and pick up tips about how to create a great home environment for your furry friend. Our focus is on ethical adoption and sustainable care.

Beginners or Experts, Families 0r Organisations, Humans or Hamsters are all warmly welcomed!


Rabbits can be quite different from cats and dogs. But they (mostly) don't bite, are quiet, soft, fluffy and cuddly, and incredibly adorable and responsive in their own bunny ways.  

Great after a long day or tough week. A new Positive Experience we 're excited to recommend!

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