Makeovers by LJB

 How does an approachable and fun (yet task-oriented) Advisory and Personal Shopping Service sound?

Think of us as buddies who want to help present a confident you to the world, the way you'd like to be seen. 

Think of clothing and accessories as a form of communication and expression---for your audience and for yourself.

Trust us to make recommendations for little changes that get you from 'Okay' to 'WOW'!

Shopping Buddy
$ Per 1.5 hours

    Advice over Email or Whatsapp
  • Shopping trip tailored to a style and budget that suits you
  • Discover your personal style with go-to pieces and flattering colours 
  • Optional lunch or tea with your LJB Buddy before or after the trip
For Special Occasions
$ Per event

    Personalised consultation to get to know you and your event

    Make an impact in something unique and comfortable, within your budget

  • Suitable outfit, accessories and make up will be billed separately

Wardrobe Update
$ Per 3 hour session

    Targeted and Effective Organisation

    Wardrobe Diagnostics, Detox and Delight

    Our personable consultant will help you Mix and Match, Repurpose or Give Away items you don't know what to do with.

    Start the month with a delightfully-organised wardrobe!

Update My Style
Price upon Applicaton
    Personalised Consultation Sessions
  • Advice over Email or Whatsapp
  • We'll help you discover a polished, personal look that best suits your current lifestyle
  • Package Deals according to your requirements available
  • Make a great first impression while remaining you!

Concern: What happens after I contact you?

Answer: You will receive a follow-up email requesting information about your situation as well as preferred day/time/venue for the meet-up. Our style consultant will also get to know your needs better through messaging or email.

Concern: How do I pay?

Answer: We accept cash, bank transfers and Paypal. Please drop us an email.

Concern: I'm feeling apprehensive.

Answer: Change always feels a little scary at first.

It's new, it's unknown, it's exciting, it's potentially terrifying.

But you'll be in good hands with our friendly and helpful consultants. We'll guide you through the process, taking into account your preferences, while gently encouraging you to try out different style combinations. 

Concern: Is this for ladies only?

Answer: Certainly not. We work with anyone who's keen to make a change :)

Concern: Does it really make a difference?

We are confident that your time and money will be well-spent!