Home Club

You know how sometimes staying indoors is best?

Your idea of a great day takes place away from the crowds and the noise, within easy access to coffee, cookies, crafts and camaraderie.

We feel you. This club is especially for our lively, interesting homebody pals! 

Online Get-together

Connect with like-minded people from the comfort of your own room! All you need is the internet and your friendly self!

In-person Activity Session

Meet like-minded people for a hands-on activity conducted in air-conditioned comfort. A winning smile never hurt anyone!

We're looking for a core group of people who enjoy staying in for small group activities.

The exciting bit:

As an Early Bird, you'll enjoy benefits such as:

  1. Access to Early Bird or Exclusive Content
  2. Opportunities to Suggest Activities
  3. Discounts to Events and Activities

The boring but important bit:  

By leaving your email address, you agree to:

  1. Be contacted by LJB so we can get to know you better :)
  2. Be added to a Whataspp or email discussion group
  3. Receive updates from time to time

We'll contact you when the next gathering takes place!